Snakes have always been one of the darkest and one among the most dangerous creatures though looking at a snake can strike fear in the hearts of every man, only a very hand full of the people have been able to really overcome this fear and pet the creature, or help people get rid of the creatures when they are in an area populated by humans, and they become a threat to the humans. But we often tend to make the mistake of generalizing all the snakes are dangerous, but real fact is that out of the 600 species of snakes in the world only 200 of these are very dangerous to the humans, here are five of the deadliest snakes according to WHO which  can cause serious damage to the humans .


1. Saw-scaled viper

Thought the venomous power of this snake is much lesser than compared to any other snake in this list it is still considered to be one of the dangerous snakes, as this snake is found mostly in the populated areas and thus is known to attack the people living around the locality where the snake is present thus this snake is the cause of a huge amount of deaths annually that compared to any other snake in this list. This snake is found mostly in India and the middle east.

2.King cobra.

One of the most venomously poisonously snakes in the world this is also one of the longest venomous snakes in the world. The venom of this snake is so powerful that it can bring down an elephant this is the power of this snake however the neurotoxins that snake delivers in each of its bites has a very dire effect on only the 50% of the people that the snake has bitten. But this snake is still one of the most venomous and very dangerous snakes in the world.

king cobra

3. Tiger snake.

These snakes are found mostly in southern Australia and Tasmania this has the potential of killing very quickly, the size of these snakes vary very much depending on the kind of food that they have been accustomed to having from the start.

4. Inland taipan.

This is often called as the “fiercest snakes” in the world, the venom of this snake can kill a person in less than an hour. This is one of the deadliest snakes in the world, as the venom of this snake can paralyze the person and cause hemorrhage the blood vessels and the muscle tissues thus making the victim die immediately.

Inland taipan.

5. Faint-banded sea snake.

The venom of this snake is a 100 times deadlier than an inland taipan snake. This snake is native to the Indian Ocean and the Pacific ocean and, but to this day this snake has rarely bitten any person. But the power of this snakes venom is the deadliest of the snakes in the list.