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Snake Identification

A Complete Listing of all 33 Known Snake Species in Kentucky and Surrounding Regions.

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Kentucky snake identification

How to Identify Snakes


Have a clear idea about the poisonous snakes, the intensity of their venom, their characteristics and the remedies for their bite.

Non Poisonous

Not all snakes are poisonous. Get complete knowledge about the non-poisonous snakes, their characteristics and their features.

venomous snakes in Kentucky


The Copperhead is very common in North America. Their venom is relatively very mild, and their bites have very mild effects on humans.

Pigmy Rattlesnake

The Pigmy Rattlesnake or the ground rattler is a very small ratel snake. Mostly found in the southern coastal plain and sandhills of North Carolina.

Western Cottonmouth

The Western Cottonmouth is also called as Water Moccasin. They are large triangular head snakes that have an average size of three to four feet. It is mostly found in the southeastern states like Alabama, Georgia,Indiana, and Kentucky.

Explanation of body shapes

Snake Characteristics

Head Shape

The shape of the head of the snake is very important when it comes identifying whether the snake is venomous or not.

Pupil Shape

The pupil of the snake is a masterpiece. They are very sharp and is equipped with night vision. The reason why they are able to hunt easily in the night


Every species has a different pattern of digging their pit. It differs according to the length and a lot of other aspects.

Scale Arrangement

The scale arrangement of snakes differs from one species to another. The viper snakes have kneeled dorsal, and the borrower snakes have smooth dorsal.

 Welcome to the Kentucky Snake Identification 

Anyone can identify snakes and it is often not necessary to count scale rows or examine fine details. This page is designed for you to make some basic decisions including color, pattern, distribution, and habitat. Some snakes are easy to identify on color and pattern alone. The rough green snake is what is called a “slam dunk” identification because this snake can not be confused with anyother snake found in Kentucky. 

Snakes of Kentucky

Eastern Black Kingsnake

Eastern Coachwhip

Eastern Hog-nosed Snake

Eastern Milksnake

Eastern Ribbonsnake

Gray Ratsnake

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Five Most Deadliest Snakes

Snakes have always been one of the darkest and one among the most dangerous creatures though looking at a snake can strike fear in the hearts of every man, only a very hand full of the people have been able to really overcome this fear and pet the creature, or help people get rid of the creatures when they are in an area populated by humans, and they become a threat to the humans. But we often tend to make the mistake of generalizing all the snakes are dangerous, but real fact is that out of the 600 species of snakes in the world only 200 of these are very dangerous to the humans, here are five of the deadliest snakes according to WHO which  can cause serious damage to the humans .


1. Saw-scaled viper

Thought the venomous power of this snake is much lesser than compared to any other snake in this list it is still considered to be one of the dangerous snakes, as this snake is found mostly in the populated areas and thus is known to attack the people living around the locality where the snake is present thus this snake is the cause of a huge amount of deaths annually that compared to any other snake in this list. This snake is found mostly in India and the middle east.

2.King cobra.

One of the most venomously poisonously snakes in the world this is also one of the longest venomous snakes in the world. The venom of this snake is so powerful that it can bring down an elephant this is the power of this snake however the neurotoxins that snake delivers in each of its bites has a very dire effect on only the 50% of the people that the snake has bitten. But this snake is still one of the most venomous and very dangerous snakes in the world.

king cobra

3. Tiger snake.

These snakes are found mostly in southern Australia and Tasmania this has the potential of killing very quickly, the size of these snakes vary very much depending on the kind of food that they have been accustomed to having from the start.

4. Inland taipan.

This is often called as the “fiercest snakes” in the world, the venom of this snake can kill a person in less than an hour. This is one of the deadliest snakes in the world, as the venom of this snake can paralyze the person and cause hemorrhage the blood vessels and the muscle tissues thus making the victim die immediately.

Inland taipan.

5. Faint-banded sea snake.

The venom of this snake is a 100 times deadlier than an inland taipan snake. This snake is native to the Indian Ocean and the Pacific ocean and, but to this day this snake has rarely bitten any person. But the power of this snakes venom is the deadliest of the snakes in the list.

First Aid Information For Snake Bites

Snakes are generally known for their dangerous and venomous nature. The fact is not all snakes are venomous. At the same time, some snakes have the capability to kill a human within half an hour. Injecting antivenom within a specific time is necessary. If the antivenom is not injected, it could result in death or in other significant complications like paralysis.
The misconception that most us have is that snakes attack everyone they see. The truth biting and venom injection most of the time is the defensive mechanism of the snake. The only time it uses them to attack is when they hunt for food. Most of the time the snake use them to defend themselves when they are disturbed. So one of the first things to do to avoid snake bytes is not to disturb them. Here are some first aid information about snake bites.

The Basics

The first thing to do is to remain calm and move away from the snake to avoid another bite. If you are wearing any jewelry or any tight clothing remove them at the earliest before swelling. After swelling, it becomes very difficult or sometimes even impossible to remove without damaging them. Clean the wound, make sure not to use water. Use clean and dry clothes.

The dos

After being beaten by a snake, the first thing that you need to do is to call for medical help. Apply pressure around the site of the bite to arrest the spreading of venom to the whole body. Make sure not to move around. Try to remain still as far as possible. Even the minimal movement of the body contributes to the spreading of venom in the body.


The don’ts

These are certain things that you do not do after getting bitten by a snake. If you indulge in these activities, it makes the situation more complicated. Do not use a tourniquet or apply ice. Some might say that the ice arrests the absorption of venom in your body, but that is not the case. Like you watch in movies do not attempt to suck the venom out of the wound. Never drink caffeine or alcohol. They both accelerate the absorption of venom. Do not try to capture the snake to show it to the doctor for treatment.


The symptoms after the snake bite are very much enough to decide whether the snake is venomous or not. Generally, if a nonvenomous snake bites the common symptoms are scratches and pain in the site of the bite.
In case of venomous snakes, there is a high burning sensation and unbearable pain in the first fifteen to twenty minutes. After these symptoms, it progresses to swelling and bruising in the wound. Most of the times after being bitten by the snake people find a bit difficult to breathe.

There are also other symptoms like nausea and weakness in the body. One can actually feel a very odd taste in the mouth. There are few enemies that directly attacks the nervous system of the body. The body feels numb, week and you will hardly be able to stand.

The Most Poisonous Snakes In The World

Snakes are one the most amazing and distinct creatures in the world. One of the very few creatures that are feared for their venom and not for their body strength. Not all snakes are poisonous, but there are a few that can take one’s life within thirty minutes.

A venomous snake bite can cause vomiting, difficulty in breathing and organ failure. Death due to a snake bite is one of the most painful ways to die. The Pest Control Pensacola FL process is slow and very painful. Even though there are few antivenoms, they are useful only when they are given to the victim before a particular time. Here are some of the most dangerous and venomous snakes in the world.

Belcher’s Sea Snake

The experts state that the venom of Belcher’s Sea Snake is hundred times more venomous than any other snake in the planet. To make things clear, if a single drop of venom from King Cobra can kill hundred people, a single drop is venom from Belcher’s sea snake can kill a thousand. In spite of all these things, these snakes are really timid, and it really takes a lot to provoke it.

Inland Taipan

More than the venomous and the dangerous character of the snake, it is known for its speed and accuracy. It is said that the Inland Tapian kills its prey with accurate and rapid attacks. The Inland Taipan’s venom is known for the ability to paralyze the victim within a few minutes.

Philippine Cobra

Experts say that among all the cobra species in the world the Philippine Cobra is the most venomous one. Half an hour is all it takes for Philippine Cobra to kill a fully grown man. This cobra can use byte and spit venom at the prey. The venom from the Philippine Cobra has the ability to cut the signals from the nervous system and cause damage to the respiratory system.

Death Adder

The name Death Adder really suits the snake. The Death Adder species is a native of Australia. It is one the venomous snakes in the world. The Death Adder is known for waiting for its prey for a long period of time. It generally waits continuously for days to get its prey. The Death Adder generally camouflages itself among the leaves and bytes and injects the venom. It waits till the prey dies before eating it.

Eastern Brown Snake

brown snake

The Eastern Brown snake is one of the deadliest land snakes. It has a very high measure of a lethal dose of toxin. The Eastern Brown Snake is native of Australia. It is also found in Guinea and Indonesia. The Eastern Brown Snake is one of the snakes that are responsible for a large number of human deaths.

Blue Krait

Blue Krait is the species that is very commonly found in Thailand. More than seventy percent of the bites from Blue Krait result in death. This snake is considered to be more powerful because even antivenom doesn’t work.